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History of 2nd mechanized brigade

The 10th Infantry Division, as another subordinate part of 4th military area with of Command in Bratislava, was established 18th June 1945 according to Ministry of national defense’s order from 12th of June 1945 with headquarter in Košice. Its subordinate infantry regiments and battalions were located in Košice, Prešov, Michalovce, Trebišov and Levoča. There was also Artillery battalion and other units located in Košice.
After establishment of the Headquarters of the 4th military area "Command Western Region" and „Command Eastern Region" was canceled. Commander of the 4th military area became a Brigadier General Mikuláš Markus.

In fifties 10th Infantry Division was undergoing significant reorganization changes. It was armament by tanks T-34, getting new equipment and technology. On the date of 1st November 1954 Division was renamed to 10th Rifle Division. On 23rd June 1955, according to Order of the President, Minister of the National Defense awarded 10th Infantry Division by battle flag.

On 1st November 1956 10th Infantry Division was renumbered to 18th Rifle Division and later on 12th October 1958 18th Rifle Division was renamed to 18th Motorized Rifle Division. In 1966 it successfully performs the tasks of reorganization. Within reorganization changes division moved its headquarter from Košice to Prešov.
After further organizational changes, day of 16th August 1966, the 18th Motorized Rifle Division had reorganized to 14th Tank Division and since 1969, after the establisment of training base it had become a training unit. In 1974 and 1986 14th Tank Division had successfully completed the tasks of training mobilization.

25th of May 1990, in connection with the reorganization of the Army after the year 1989, 14th Tank Division changed to 14th Motorized rifle division and on 1st November 1991 was renumbered to 14th Mechanized division.

First January 1993 was date when the independent Slovak Republic was created. In this time, the main task of the 14th Mechanized division was to ensure defense and territorial integrity of the Slovak Republic. Subordinate units of division were territorially located in Michalovce, Trebišov Kežmarok, Brezno, Banská Bystrica, Rimavská Sobota, Bardejov and Prešov.
The year 1993 was the year of the ongoing reorganization changes and relocations that had result in the cancellation of the 14th Mechanized divisions and creation of 2nd Army Corps with Headquarters in Prešov on 11th January 1994.

After reorganization of the Slovak Army on 1st April 2000, 1st Mechanized Brigade came to its existence. In accordance with Order of the Minister of Defense from 15th December 2000 1st mechanized brigade was awarded by an honorary name “MECHANIZED BRIGADE of general Rudolf Viest".

On First October 2003, after the reorganization of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic 1st mechanized brigade had expired and after its renumbering had changed to Mechanized Brigade. Following a reorganization in 2006, the changes taking place for mechanized brigade to modify its name to 2nd Mechanized Brigade on 1st October 2006.

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