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Honorary name of 2nd mechanized brigade

Mechanized brigade of general Rudolf VIEST

Mechanized Brigade named after important military figures in our modern history, the first and only Slovak, who reached the rank of general of the army during the First Czechoslovak Republic General Rudolf Viest.

gen. Rudolf Viest

He was born on 24th September 1890 in Revúca. The newly formed Czechoslovakia in 1921 gradually passed numerous command and staff positions, but also served as a military diplomat. In 1933 he was appointed the first general rank - Brigadier and five years later was promoted to the rank of division general. The highest function, which reached the pre-Munich Czechoslovakia in the years 1937-1938, was commander of Army Corps in Kosice.

At the beginning of September 1939, when the Second World War broke out, he became a member of the Czechoslovak National Committee in Paris, and 17th November 1939 was recognized as the official representative of Cs. resistance abroad by the French government. On 15th January 1940 division General VIEST became the commander of 1st Czechoslovak Division in France (on the strength of 10,200 men). After the occupation of France in June 1940 he went to England, where it also managed to ship about 3,780 members of the Cs. Army. Here in London, led by Dr. Edvard Beneš he continued the anti-fascist struggle abroad. 9th July 1940, General Rudolf VIEST became a member of the State Council set up in London and a few days later, 21st July 1940, the State Secretary of the Ministry of National Defense of emigrant government in Czechoslovakia.

         In July 1940 president of the Slovak Republic withdrew him the rank of general of the first class and  in 1942 in absentia a military court in Bratislava sentenced to death. In June 1944 he became Deputy Cs. government delegate to the liberated territory. After the outbreak of the Slovak National Uprising, he became commander of the 1st Czechoslovak Army in Slovakia. He arrived to Banská Bystrica with part of the second Czechoslovak Soviet Airborne Brigade in 6th October 1944. By the time he became commander of the rebel army in Slovakia, but in that time he has serious health problems. 3 November 1944, after the retreat of the rebels in the mountains, VIEST was captured along with his representative General John Golian by the Germans. After hearing both, they were taken to a German concentration camp in Flossenburg, where VIEST probably died in February 1945. His dead in Czechoslovakia were officially declared the 15th November 1948.

General Rudolf leads, patriotic and anti-fascist believe, has always been a staunch supporter of President Benes.  Between the two men there was a common understanding. He was one of the few Slovaks in London, Dr. BENEŠ had good personal relationship with, so he used to receive VIEST at his private residence. During the stay in London often performed in the BBC radio broadcast destined for the territory of the Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia, and Slovakia to the manifestations that contribute to students at strengthening their anti-fascist spirit.
After the liberation of Czechoslovakia in 1945, was posthumously promoted to the rank of army general and gave him many high state awards.


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