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2nd Mechanized brigade mission

     Primary mission of the 2nd MechBde is to participate in the tasks of defense and protection of vital interests of Slovak republic and its allies against military and non-military threats by conducting military and non-military operations.
     With regard to organizational structure and armament, the 2nd MechBde is designed to fulfill full spectrum operations against lightly armored enemy units in high battle rhythm.
     Main tasks:
     In connection with assigned tasks to increase capabilities of brigade commanders, staffs and units to fulfill assignments within International crisis management (ICM) according to the Slovak Republic international commitments with the focus on:
  • quick reaction to initial crisis and effective tasks fulfillment,
  • participation in full spectrum operations from the lowest intensity to the highest, including contributions to stability operations and reconstruction effort support,  
  • to conduct operations aimed to discourage non-military participants action, population and critical infrastructure protection.
     At war threat, on command, to deploy forces and means in the Slovak Republic territory for the home country defense and protection accomplishment during the war, state of war, state of emergency and state of distress.
      During the state of safety to participate within carrying out support tasks in the Slovak Republic territory with the aim to help governmental authorities, organizations and population to perform tasks during the state of emergency and state of distress, by which there are lives and health of people or property under threat and their impacts disposal.

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