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Historical name of 2nd mechanized brigade


On April 28, 2014 the President of the Slovak Republic granted  to 2nd  Mechanized Brigade historical name "PREŠOVSKÁ MECHANIZED BRIGADE " with effect from April 30, 2014.
HQ2mb    Prešov is historically associated with military units – nowadays 2nd mechanized brigade is based in the city.
      After World War II infantry regiment, as a subordinated unit of  the 10th Infantry Division Kosice was based in Prešov. Division was reorganized several times and its headquarters was redeployed to Prešov in 1960. After the establishment of the Slovak Republic in 1993, the division was reorganized to the mechanized brigade and remained in Prešov.
     Members of  the 2. mechanized brigade Prešov are proud and self-confident bearers of historical traditions of the city and broadly develop the traditions of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic, excellently fulfilling the tasks of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic to defend our homeland , national security , but also tasks of  humanitarian aid , aftermath of natural disasters , accidents and catastrophes.
     Granting historical name to the 2nd Mechanized Brigade ties its members to demonstrate pride in the unit and Prešov,  to continue successful cooperation with state and local administration and to develop and bear the traditions of the Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic.


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